Web Services

One of the main activities of KaamosCreations is to provide support for digitising services, with a focus on utilising ethically sound software. We believe that digital tools and especially online services can have great impact on empowering people, on promoting communication and dialogue, boosting business, and on supporting various other activities. We can provide training for secure communication, tools for project collaboration, or basic services such as hosting or building websites. We believe that digital services should be empowering, transparent and easily accessible, as well as free of hidden costs (including data scraping); They should not hide their mode of operation behind unknown algorithms, and they should not violate people's basic rights. We therefore avoid proprietary and closed source software but instead resort to free and open source software (FOSS) (reading suggestion: FOSS as a contribution to digital security in the Arctic).

Some of the online services* we can help to set up or provide include:

  • web design (mainly based on drupal and wordpress)
  • web shops (e.g. built on drupal commerce)
  • web hosting
  • self hosted:
    • web server
    • mail server, scalable (postfix/dovecot)
      • server-side spam protection (rspamd)
      • browser based mail access (e.g. roundcube)
      • mail authentication (DMARC/SPF/DKIM)
    • cloud services (e.g. nextcloud; seafile)
      • online office suite (e.g. collabora; onlyoffice)
      • groupware
    • video-conferencing (e.g. jitsi-meet; spreed)
    • VPN (e.g. wireguard; OpenVPN)
    • web analytics (matomo)
    • chat server (XMPP)
    • newsletter
    • customer relationship management
    • wiki
  • PGP mail encryption
  • domain registration
  • digitisation

We can provide web space on one of our servers or support you to set up your own server. We can also provide assistance in setting up a local wired or wireless network, or a server for local services.

All our servers are located within the European Union. Our servers are powered by electricity generated from 100% renewable resources.

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* References:

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