A Chronology of Freezing


Video: A Chronology of Freezing (2021).

A chronology of freezing offers an audiovisual adventure of deceleration that attempts to create space for details. The sound is based on Triadic Memories (1981), which is a large scale solo piano piece by the American composer Morton Feldman. It offers a rare chance for the thoughts to drift away, as it operates predominately by echoes and resonances of different sonic colours. It gives space for us to quiet down and slow down and to pay attention to the small, gradual processes. It is an antitheses to anything pompous and showy. This process of deceleration is accompanied by an exploration into the imagery captured during a change of the state of matter: from liquid to solid, and from fluid to still.

The premiere of the video took place on 16 November 2021, with a live piano performance in the church of Enontekiö, where also the soundtrack for the online video was recorded.

Piano: Taina Niemelä  
Cinematography: Gerald Zojer