Environmental Monitoring

Below is an example of the data output of a simple and inexpensive air quality measuring station. The station, which is located in the center of Hetta, has been build and is operated by Kaamos Creations. The measuring station is based on the citizens science project sensor.community which utilises open source hardware and firmware developed by its predecessor initiative luftdaten.info.

Citizen science projects can complement as well as scrutinise conventional environmental monitoring, which usually is funded or operated by governmental authorities. As such, citizen science projects can contribute in democratising environmental monitoring (For more background see my article Digitalisation and the democratisation of environmental monitoring in The Conservation & Livelihoods Digest vol. 3, no. 1. Sellheim Environmental, March 2024: pp. 31-35).


The Kaamos Creations measuring station (as depicted below) is sending its data to an influxdb instance on one of our servers, and the data is visualised utilising a grafana instance, also hosted by Kaamos Creations.

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