KaamosCreations was born in 2013 as a loose platform to support creative people in the North. Kaamos is the beautiful Finnish word for polar night. While the special light conditions in the world's very North may be very inspiring for art, due to the region's low population density, locals only find a small audience in the region. The original aim of KaamosCreations was to extent the presentation of their work to the world wide web, thus making their creations visible or accessible to a wider audience.

With time activities of KaamosCreations expanded to help and support artists, small businesses, scientists, activists, and journalists in the North to digitise their work or to provide platforms and networking tools in the digital world. As KaamosCreations wants to contribute in empowering people in a rapidly digitising world, its mission requires to resort to ethically sound software, which is why KaamosCreations strongly promotes the use of free and open source software (FOSS). Our mission furthermore puts emphasis on decreasing dependence on transnational tech corporations, but to instead use privacy oriented and self-hosted or locally shared services that are under control of its users.

Since 2022 KaamosCreations offers consultancy related to harness the opportunities while mitigating the challenges of digitalisation and to promote the utilisation of ethically sound software, and also offers a small range of web services (such as hosting, web design) commercially.